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Social Studies

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United States History Map Interactive:

Learn map skills and how the United States was settled.


Roanoke- the Lost Colony:

Roanoke was the first colony to be established by Britian.  The only problem is that the first people to volunteer to leave Britian to establish this colony disappeared. No one knows to this day what happened to these people.  It remains a MYSTERY, though there are some theories for the disappearance of the Roanoake colonist. Watch the movie clip to hear some of the theories.


Jamestown: YouTube:

Watch this video about Jamestown.  Interesting why the colonist never realized why there were no Native Americans around where they landed. 


Jamestown Adventure


Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Tribe:  30 minute video

Watch this living museum, (a virtual fieldtrip). Travel back in time to 1621 to learn about the first permanent English Settlement - Plimouth Plantation.  Learn how the Pilgrims and Natives interacted with each other and how they are different but yet silimilar.


The First Thanksgiving - Extra Credit! Due Friday, Sept. 30th.


 13 Original Colonies

Learn about the 13 colonies: location, natural resources, education, religion, etc.


Colonial America:

Follow the different passages through time of colonial life.  Would you be able to survive?


Colonial Kids: 

Learn about colonial life through a child's point of view



Slavery in the Colonies:

How did slavery begin? Who? Where? Why?


Schoolhouse Rock: The struggle between the Colonists and the King


Stamp Act and Townsend Act  - The British impose taxes on the colonists to pay for the French and Indian War.  This enrages the Colonists and this would begin continued protests from the Colonists


Boston MassacreView this video from History.com on the bloody massacre in Boston.  Who was responsible for this massacre?


Boston Tea party Who was responsible for this protest?  What will happen now to the relations between the colonists and the British?


Paul Revere's Ride Poem 




UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT - Learn how our country's government was created.




America Gets a Constitution Video











Our FIRST President


George Washington Power Point 


Westward Expansion:


Lewis and Clark Virtual Expedition

Go west across America! Help make decisions on your expedition with Lewis and Clark.  See how you rank as a decision maker on this expedition.  Then post a comment explaining how well or poor you did and why.


Frequently Asked Questions About Lewis and Clark Expedition 

Enjoy finding answers to questions and reading expedition stories.



Find out who Lewis and Clark were and why they were sent on this expedition.




Lewis and Clark Expedition - History Channel Video



Trail of Tears : Indian Removal Act

Read about this sad event that changed the Native Americans Life Forever 






Industrial Revolution:

Watch videos about how the Industrial Revolution came to the U.S. and the Transcontinental Railroad impacted the U.S.


Industrial Revolution Inventors Chart:

Learn about the inventors and their inventions fromt he 19th Century.





Bleeding Kansas Video



Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad


Fredrick Douglass


Dred Scott Case Video


Harriet Breecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin




Discovery Education Videos 

Watch Videos on important people from the civil war.  You will need the password.


Civil War Biography Links


Important People of the Civil War


Key People in the Civil War Game


Civil War: Key Figures Game


Causes of the Civil War Game


Civil War Vocabulary Terms Game




Civil War Video (from Mrs. Shanahan) 

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