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Visit Mrs. Shanahan's Math Room for Fun Practice


HSP Student Math Test Book

Use the on-line textbook to learn, practice and study math concepts.


Think Central Math Instructional Models

Use this link to help review  math concepts you are having trouble with understanding.


Math Games on Think Central

Review  math concepts by playing these games.


Think Central Math 

These lessons will walk you through with mini lessons over concepts you are struggling with in class.



Create different types of graphs: bar, line, pie, and enter your own data.


Place Value Activities 

Play these games to reinforce your understanding of the place value system - including decimals!

Thinking Blocks


Math on Location Videos

These vidoes will show you how math concepts relate to the real world.


Use these tools to manipulate objects to practice place value, fractions, geometry, graphs, probability, and much more.


Thinking Blocks

Word Problems and more word problems.  Use this website to practice solving different types of word problems.


Mode, Median and Range Lessons


BrainPOP Mode, median and range



Geometry Review

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