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Reading Skills Practice

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Relax and enjoy listening to well known picture books being read by screen actors.  Choose a book and drift away into another world of realistic fiction and/or fantasy.



ELEMENTS OF A STORY  Click here to listen to the fairy tale of Cinderella and test your skills on the elements of the tale.


KEYS TO SUCCESS IN READING  Click here to practice some Reading Skills.



Figurative Language: idioms, metaphors, similies, imagery, homographs, homophones, etc.


Figurative Language used in Poetry





 Fling the Teacher Game


Homophone Song:


ReadAquarium Games and Activities with Homophones


AIM and FIRE... - Context Clues with Homophones 



Fact or Opinion Power Point



Fact or Opinion Games




Reading Headlines


Get the Idea?


What's the Big Idea Riddles


Sum it Up


 Drawing Conclusions/Making Inferences:

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What Can You Conclude?


Be a Critical Reader


Inference Riddles 


News Quizzes: Choice a news article of interest and take the quiz


What are They Selling: Read these ads and infer what they are selling


Author's Purpose:



Authors Purpose PPT




Cause and Effect:


Alejandro's Gift


Cause and Effect PPT


How Plants Feed Themselves

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